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Hummer hire Cornwall

Wow the new 15 seat Hummer from Extreme is here call today

The Hummer has Karaoke, laser show vip this is the business

Book now for your christmas doo, Next years Prom bookings are getting busy

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Welcome to Hummer hire Cornwall

Here at Hummer hire Cornwall we have the latest hummers and limousines. We have the brand new 15 seat Hummer with Karaoke and lazer show this Hummer is amazing with all the flashing lights, neons, fibre optics this is a must for anyone looking to travel in total style

So for limo hire Cornwall and hummer hire Cornwall call us today on Tel 08458128008

We also have the 8 seat Hummer shockwave with its 5 Tvs, lazer show all singing all dancing interior and its 22in chrome wheels.

We also have the latest 8 seat white stretched limousines these are perfect for your wedding or a night out on the tiles

The new 15 seat Red H2 Hummer